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A Personal Development Plan Can Change Your Life

A Personal Development PlanIf you’re like most people, you could use a good personal development plan. It can help you get to where you want to be in life.

Have you thought about where you want to be in your life and how you are going to achieve it? Many do not…they get by day to day, without any clear direction.

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How Are You Using Your Strengths?

In life, one of the critical keys to success is learning to “take life’s lemons and make lemonade.”

Another way of putting that might be “turning the challenges you face into opportunities to learn and grow.”

Being aware of your strengths and knowing how to use them is critical to making lemonade out of life’s lemons.  The more you know about your strengths and desired improvements, the greater your potential to fly high, live your best life, and succeed.

If you have not taken time to effectively assess your strengths.  Now is a good time to do just that.  You might begin by considering how to uncover your strengths or make them stronger.  The first step is to take stock of your strengths as well as those areas where you can use some improvements.

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Think You Need A Break?

Sometimes when certain things happen in my life, I catch myself thinking, “Why me – why can’t I get a break? During those times, it would be so easy for me to feel that life has dealt a rough blow, and that I am at the mercy of some cold and unwieldy fate.

I could go on and on about how unlucky I am.  Yet I know that’s not the situation at all.

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Letting Go …

How often have you heard someone say they can’t do such and such because of something that occurred in their past?  I hear it many times.  Over and over, people let their past dictate their present realities.  They get stuck in past emotions and events. They refuse to let go.

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Five Tips To Personal Success

Each of us describes success in different ways.  Many people think of success in terms of money or other material things.  Yet there are those who have all those things and still do not see themselves as successful.  How about you?  What does success mean to you?
Perhaps you want success but cannot quite grasp the concept of determining how you go about having it.  Here are five steps to get you started toward gaining your personal success:
1.  Know What You Want.
It’s important that you know what you want in order to achieve success in your life. Get as clear as you can on what you want.  State your wants in terms of long-term goals. Then create a plan to reach those goals.  In addition, you’ll need to create a series of short term goals which lead to achievement of the long-term goals. These are small steps along the way to meeting your ultimate or long-term goal.  Brainstorm what you need to do to reach the goal and make a written plan to follow through.

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What’s Your Story?

(Part 2 of 2)

So, what’s your story? Think about it for a moment. Pretend it is being played on a wide screen in HD. Sit back and observe the story – the moves, the plays, the words and the plot. At the end of the story, ask yourself, “Is this story serving me well?” “Does it hold me back or move me forward in an empowering way?’ The process may take a little time, but you might find it is well worth your effort. Perhaps you will discover it is time to shift your story’s perspective or maybe you will uncover validation that it is a perspective which you should cling to because of its enduring value to who you are.
You should also understand your story impacts your relationships. A clergy friend of mine tells me that during pre-marriage counseling, he will often ask the couple to tell their story to each other. He said he does that because “many times one has never heard the others’ story. And each individual’s story is important to that relationship.”
Here are some additional questions you might ask in determining the impact of your story on your life:

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What’s Your Story?

(Part 1 of 2)

Between exercise repetitions at my gym last week, I paused to catch my breath as we exercise enthusiasts normally do between reps. After what must have been an unusually long pause, I heard a cheerful voice speaking to me. It was that of a gym member on the Shoulder Press next to me. In a very concerned manner, he said, “Come back. You’re getting too caught up in the story.” His words jolted me back into the present moment. I slowly turned to him, smiled and said, “You’re probably right.” Of course he was right. I was deeply immersed in a story. Later, I would recall his words as I thought to myself, “Everyone has a story.” No doubt, you have often heard it asked, “What is your story?” or “What is his or her story anyway?”

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Choose To Think Positively

“Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars.”- Frederick Langbridge

When you are feeling “down,” do you tend to think there is no hope?  If you’re like me and many others, thinking positively may be a challenge for you during those times. It’s almost impossible to see a light when so many negative things cloud your vision. Yet if you could learn to think positively, you’ll find yourself moving through those situations more successfully as well as through life in general.

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Uncovering Your High Self Esteem

High self esteem is connected to your sense of personal worth and value. It can be described as a basic belief that you hold.  For example, do you believe that you are capable of completing those tasks necessary to reach your goals?  Your answer to that question is important because your self esteem is enhanced by your achievements, feelings about your own strengths, weaknesses and potential.

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Creating a Path To Success

While it may seem this economic environment holds little gain for most. In order to be successful, we need to look past this situation. Despite this environment, there are many paths to success. Multiple streams of income is one very important path to success – relying on one stream of income is risky business.

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