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Life Skills in Active Listening

Active ListeningLife skills are those behaviors and activities we engage on a daily basis in order to manage our lives in a responsible way.

One very important life skill is active listening. The way you listen can impact so many parts of your life, including how well you do your job or the quality of your personal relationships.

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It’s Just My Intuition, But…

I have a colleague who teaches CEOs and executives how to use their intuition in decision making situations. If you check out the search engines, you’ll find lots of intuition training being offered in various ways and forms.

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Follow That Leader…

Have you ever watched geese fly? It’s a sight worthy to behold. The next time you see geese in flight, pay attention to them. Notice when they fly in formation, the leader doesn’t remain the same. During the flight several of the flock will take turns moving to the front of the vee. As one leader tires, it falls back and takes its place with the followers, and a new leader comes forth to guide the flock and steer the course.

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When Did I Say That?

As a coach and consultant to managers and business leaders, I find a common thread of concern among the people they lead and manage. That thread of concern surrounds how they communicate with their people. Whether you are a manager, a business leader, or other, you too may be experiencing some communication issues.  Perhaps there are times when you are left wondering, “When Did I Say That?”

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