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Life Skills in Active Listening

Active ListeningLife skills are those behaviors and activities we engage on a daily basis in order to manage our lives in a responsible way.

One very important life skill is active listening. The way you listen can impact so many parts of your life, including how well you do your job or the quality of your personal relationships.

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5 Tips For Dealing with Conflict

There are times when we find ourselves dealing with conflict situations. Needless to say…it can be quite challenging. We must call on all the communication skills we have…and then some. Even so, a certain amount of disagreement can still occur.

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How Do You Communicate?

If you have ever visited Ireland and kissed the Blarney Stone, perhaps you returned home chatting and bantering all over the place.   Family, friends and coworkers are left wondering what happened to cause you to suddenly communicate in this fashion.

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Help, They’re Driving Me Crazy!

Do you have people in your life to whom you wish you could say, “poof!” and they’d be gone – off to bother someone else? Maybe it’s because they’re perpetually antagonistic, intolerably obnoxious, always negative or insufferably nosy.  Whatever the situation, you could do without them. If only you could just do what employers do from time to time – issue a pink slip, fire them.

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