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Products To Help Uncover Your Brilliance

Get these inspiring, motivational and life-changing information eBooks to help you uncover your brilliance in many areas of your life. These are digital products which mean you have access to them instantly. There is no waiting to begin uncovering your brilliance. In addition to the book, most of these topics include a checklist and workbook to keep you on target and help you practice what you have read for staying power. Start uncovering your brilliance by ordering one or two of these eBooks NOW.

The Importance Of Solitude
For A Balanced life

This little book is not about forced solitude or being lonely or running away from the world into a cave in the mountains. Being in your own company gives you the chance to see where you're heading in terms of your relationships, career, and spiritual evolution. Includes: 19-page book; 3-page checklist to keep you on target; 4-page workbook.

Price $7.00


The Language Of Love
Deepen Your Relationships

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love." ~ Tom Robbins

Whether you've just found each other, or you'd like to rekindle the fire in your current relationship, the language of love can enable you to experience the happiness you've always desired. Includes: 14-page book; 3-page checklist; 5-page workbook.

Price $7.00


The Relationship Bundle

Includes: The Language of Love package, shown above; plus 32-page book listing 29 Ways To Show Love; 28-page book listing 25 loving words to say to your kids.

Price $17.00


The Importance Of Conquering Your Fears

Fears are a part of life. Everyone is afraid of something. Fear is generally a good thing and typically has a minimal impact on your life. There are times when fear takes over and becomes detriment. If fear is negatively affecting your life, fear not. You can conquer your fears and live a life free from the pain and apprehension that fear has brought you. Practicing some fear-reducing techniques, like those found in this eBook, may be all you need to rid yourself of them. Includes: 16-page book; 2-page checklist; 4-page workbook.

Price $7.00


Overcoming Infidelity How you can heal, rebuild and strengthen your relationship

"When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left" ~ Sufi Epigram

Discovering that your significant other has been unfaithful is one of the most devastating instances you'll experience in life. But, if you're willing to take strides towards a future together, you and your partner can endure the healing process jointly as one. Includes: 15-page book; 3-page checklist; 5-page self-reflection workbook.

Price $7.00


The Love Bundle

Get the entire Love Bundle or one of each. Bundle includes:

  • 28-page book of 25 Loving Words To Say To Your Kids

  • 28-page book of 25 WAYS To Romance Your Lady

  • 28-page book of 25 Ways To Romance Your Man

  • 32-page book of 29 Ways To Show Love

25 Loving Words To Say To Your Kids- $5.00

25 WAYS To Romance Your Lady - $5.00

25 Ways To Romance Your Man - $5.00

29 Ways To Show Love - $5.00

The Love Bundle (All 4 books aove) - $17.00


How To Boost Your Self-Confidence!

Regardless of your self-confidence level right now, I'll show you some time-tested quick, easy and reliable tips and techniques that can boost your self-confidence, enhance your credibility, increase your composure and help you to have a better life personally and professionally. A 71-page eBook filled with information for boosting your self-confidence with worksheets and checklists.

Price $19.00


Barbara recommends...

Occasionally, I come across companies whose products and services make my life easier and fun to do business with, or have had dramatic impact on the success of my business to the extent that I want to share their information with others. Here are some of my favorites:

Corey Rudl was an undisputed Internet Marketing genius. He totally transformed the world of Internet Marketing for anyone who has ever used the internet. I cherish his Internet Marketing strategies and have profited from many of them. Corey is no longer with us, but his right-hand business partner Derek Gehl continues the genius legacy. Do you want to know how to get started with marketing any of your products or services on the Internet? Learn from the genius through his "Insider Secrets To Marketing On The Internet".

Amazon.com is my favorite when it comes to hundreds of discounted books, gifts, CDs, DVDs and more. It is convenient, easy and customer friendly. I don't know about you, but I stay quite busy so I need quick and courteous customer services to take the burdensome waste of time out of my shopping experiences. I have this and more in Amazon.com. Take a look around, you'll see what I mean: 

Lots to choose from and if you have something specific in mind and want to look for just that item, you can do that to by simply clicking the Search button below:

It's no wonder she calls her herself the "E-Zine Queen." In my opinion, Ali Brown truly reigns spectacular when it comes to creating and publishing e-zines and online newsletters. She takes the guesswork out of creating your online newsletter. And of course if you are selling or promoting online, you should have an online newsletter. In her easy to understand course, Boost Business With Your Own E-Zine, Ali shows you how to increase your business by sending a simple little e-zine once a month. You'll be glad I told you about this invaluable information before you began trying to create an online newsletter on your own. Click here to learn more about getting started with your e-zine.