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Rediscover Your Goal Setting and Motivation When You’ve Lost Your Way

If you’ve ever felt lost or without motivation when trying to accomplish your goals…especially when progress seems so far away, you may find it difficult to rebuild…and keep moving forward. I understand. I’ve been there too.

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Think You Need A Break?

Sometimes when certain things happen in my life, I catch myself thinking, “Why me – why can’t I get a break? During those times, it would be so easy for me to feel that life has dealt a rough blow, and that I am at the mercy of some cold and unwieldy fate.

I could go on and on about how unlucky I am.  Yet I know that’s not the situation at all.

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Move Through Challenges To Reaching Your Goals

There may be times when you have the greatest motivation for reaching your goals yet something is missing.  Somehow you seem to get stranded at one point or another.  When that happens, it is a challenge for you to find that resolute to keep moving forward.

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Impossible…What’s That?

Part 2 of 2

Scientists say, theoretically it is impossible for the bumble bee to fly.  Fortunately, for the bumble bee, it has not heard about it yet. So it just keeps on flying.  It keeps on living the “impossible dream.”

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Impossible…What’s That?

Part 1 of 2

As a young girl, I used to dream of being a big celebrity – lights, camera, action, applause…the whole nine yards.  I think just about everyone, at some point in their life, has dreamed of being, doing or having something special or really big.

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Five Tips To Personal Success

Each of us describes success in different ways.  Many people think of success in terms of money or other material things.  Yet there are those who have all those things and still do not see themselves as successful.  How about you?  What does success mean to you?
Perhaps you want success but cannot quite grasp the concept of determining how you go about having it.  Here are five steps to get you started toward gaining your personal success:
1.  Know What You Want.
It’s important that you know what you want in order to achieve success in your life. Get as clear as you can on what you want.  State your wants in terms of long-term goals. Then create a plan to reach those goals.  In addition, you’ll need to create a series of short term goals which lead to achievement of the long-term goals. These are small steps along the way to meeting your ultimate or long-term goal.  Brainstorm what you need to do to reach the goal and make a written plan to follow through.

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Where Are You Headed?

Many times when I am driving to a place where I’ve never been before, I find myself getting lost and having to turn around a few times before I reach my destination.  Despite GPS and MapQuest, I prefer to do it my way.  That way, of course, is to get lost.

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Catch The Fire Of Motivation

Motivation is the fire that fuels those actions you’ve decided to take in your life. It is a burning desire to be confident in living your true brilliance.
Are you faced with too many challenges in getting and staying motivated? If yes, then it’s time to ignite those flames of motivation and keep the fires burning. You can get started now by setting some goals around those things that get you fired up and motivated.

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What Do You Want Most In Life?

What do you want most in your life? I am discovering more and more each day the critical importance of my response to that question. I am also uncovering how closely aligned my wants are to my core values. If my wants, wishes and desires are tied to my values, the odds of my achieving them are pretty high. I get seriously motivated and my confidence level soars also.

Like me, perhaps a big challenge for you when setting goals is trying to determine what you really want. Sometimes it’s a little confusing, isn’t it?
Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself,

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Will Your New Year Be Different Than Last Year?

If you always do what you’ve always done, you‘ll always get what you’ve always got.

When you think back to the beginning of 2009, like most people, you probably started the New Year with great intentions.  Perhaps you set a few great goals for yourself.   Do you remember any goals you set?  Perhaps you vowed to lose weight, get a better job, make more money, meet someone or quit smoking. What was the outcome of your goals?  Did you achieve what you set out to do in 2009?  How did it go?

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