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Put a Positive Attitude To Work For You

Positive Attitude

Are you truly happy with your life? Have you achieved your goals? Are you living the life that you really want to? If not, why? It could be that your attitude is to blame.

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5 Tips For Dealing with Conflict

There are times when we find ourselves dealing with conflict situations. Needless to say…it can be quite challenging. We must call on all the communication skills we have…and then some. Even so, a certain amount of disagreement can still occur.

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Five Personal Development Tips

How do you nurture your personal development? By implementing some personal development strategies, you can focus on your most important goals and achieve them. Here are some strategies I use. Feel free to try them.

Focus on positive things. Positive thinking can help you achieve your goals. Positive thinking is about focusing on positive things in your life even when you experience negative emotions.

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Personal Development Tips

If you are not fully satisfied with your life, perhaps it’s time to consider taking action…and making a few changes to your lifestyle and personal development.

Even small attitude changes can make a difference.

While you might not be living your dreams, things will look much brighter if you take time to think about what is actually going on in your life at this moment.

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How To Give Thanks For This Moment

Every morning my husband and I go out for our daily walk/run (he walks, I run).  Although we take the same route each morning,  we see something different in nature each day for which we give thanks and tribute .

He’ll pause to take a picture of the swans and their new baby signets or a beautiful sunrise over the mighty Mumford River.  This morning, he was awed by the sight of a falcon sitting on the power lines.  That called for another great photo.  For me, the flowers and trees seem to put on a different show each morning.

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Find Joy And Happiness In Nature

In my little part of the world, nature is busting out all over.  Tiny Daffodils are peering through soon to be lush lawns. Trees are showing off more and more softly colored green buds with each passing day.  Nature is so beautiful!

My husband and I delight in finding new things to see, do and enjoy in nature. Nature brings great joy and happiness to my life.  I can easily take that joy and happiness and pass it along to others.

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Four Tips For A Positive Attitude

This week my husband and I prepared our taxes.  I don’t use the word “hate” much, but I can shout from the roof top that I “hate” preparing our taxes.

Actually, I did not get too involved in the process.  My husband is the brave soul who painstakingly prepares our taxes.  Thank goodness, he does as much as he can without my input.

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