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Personal Development Tips

If you are not fully satisfied with your life, perhaps it’s time to consider taking action…and making a few changes to your lifestyle and personal development.

Even small attitude changes can make a difference.

While you might not be living your dreams, things will look much brighter if you take time to think about what is actually going on in your life at this moment.

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Forgetting?…Try Meditating For Memory

How many times have you said or heard it said. “Uncle Harry is getting old.  His memory is not what it used to be?” Your answer to that question is probably… “Many times over.”

A lot of people tend to associate having poor memory with getting older.  But, the truth is Uncle Harry may not be alone in experiencing a fading memory.

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It’s Time For A Healthy Start: The Road To Wellness

Over the last year or so, I’ve charted a new road to wellness. It’s not totally unlike what I’ve done in the past in that it mostly includes a different type of exercise and modifying my diet slightly.

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How to Make Personal Growth Changes

Many people get stuck in life because they do not know how to move through personal growth changes.

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, then you know my passion for personal growth and change.

My articles are a reflection of some ways in which I have moved through life to embrace personal growth changes, and the techniques I have employed along the way.

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How To Give Thanks For This Moment

Every morning my husband and I go out for our daily walk/run (he walks, I run).  Although we take the same route each morning,  we see something different in nature each day for which we give thanks and tribute .

He’ll pause to take a picture of the swans and their new baby signets or a beautiful sunrise over the mighty Mumford River.  This morning, he was awed by the sight of a falcon sitting on the power lines.  That called for another great photo.  For me, the flowers and trees seem to put on a different show each morning.

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How Do You Communicate?

If you have ever visited Ireland and kissed the Blarney Stone, perhaps you returned home chatting and bantering all over the place.   Family, friends and coworkers are left wondering what happened to cause you to suddenly communicate in this fashion.

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We Remember…

I am fortunate, as many of you are, to  live in a great country.  To all my readers in the USA, please join me in remembering and giving thanks to all the men and women who gave their lives to make it so.

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Take Time For Yourself

I recently led a retreat presentation for women.  It was clear that the women were ready,  and needed to take that time out for themselves.  Most of the attendees have demanding jobs as well as mom, wife and household duties.

I shared with them the importance of taking time out for themselves. It was good for them to be still and take those moments in retreat for themselves. Read more on Take Time For Yourself…

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Find Joy And Happiness In Nature

In my little part of the world, nature is busting out all over.  Tiny Daffodils are peering through soon to be lush lawns. Trees are showing off more and more softly colored green buds with each passing day.  Nature is so beautiful!

My husband and I delight in finding new things to see, do and enjoy in nature. Nature brings great joy and happiness to my life.  I can easily take that joy and happiness and pass it along to others.

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